Ever Fruits allows you to have a unique natural, crispy and tasty experience for those who love fruits and life.

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Natural aroma and full-bodied scent of fruits and vegetables.

Crispy and tasty.

Ever Fruits preserves the natural color of the fruit.


Fruits anywhere, anytime ... Ever Fruits is the quintessential fruit, and its nutritional qualities to enjoy healthy life at all times.

Inimitable, Ever Fruits is eaten at any time of the day or on the go, comfortably, alone or mixed with cereals, milk, tea, yoghurt or ice cream and sorbets.

Instead of hoping for a great snack, we created one.


Concentrated fruit: a crispy and fresh piece equals more than 300 grams of fresh fruit.

Less than 100 calories per pack of 22 grams.

No preservatives, no artificial coloring, oil or other additives.

The technology used to Ever Fruits preserves 90% of the nutritional values of fruits and vegetables.

The absolute opposite of the ordinary.

Discover our products