At the gates of Asia, the multicultural Hong Kong-based Ever Fruits team brings you its know-how, many years of experience in the food sector and in the import-export procedures, and also a strong trustworthy network of partners.

Building a genuine bridge between Asia and the rest of the world, Ever Fruits supplies the best dehydrated products obtained via cutting-edge technologies.

Pleasure, health, comfort, utility and eco-responsibility have become a new trend in the development of world food route.

The brand Ever Fruits was designed to be part of a healthy, comfortable and happy lifestyle. This is its essence. All the company's values are reflected in the delicious healthy and convenience appearance of each of our products.

Ever Fruits contributes to the development of the new trends in the food industry and is committed to working with its customers to influence the new wave created by health and nature.


  • Give back nature and farmers the benefits they are providing us, by proposing a new way to consume fruits and vegetables.

  • Respecting farming traditions and selecting the best products of the harvest.

  • Actively involved in the process of industrialization of agriculture of the fruits and vegetables selected.

  • Moving towards a continuous innovation in the process of preservation for fruits and vegetables relying on developments in agro-food trends.